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Skye's Supernatural Obsession

Happiness is a Warm Winchester

2 November
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Welcome to my Supernatural obsession. Here is where you will find episode recaps and commentary, video and photos from events, fanfic, picspams, and anything else I am so inclined to create during those all too common bouts of insomnia.

If you are here by accident and are looking for my personal journal, it is located at theladyskye. My writing site can be explored at skyewritings. If you're here because you love Supernatural and you wish to share in the awesomeness that is hands-down the best show on TV right now, you've come to the right place!

All of the written material contained on this site is my own. I don't intend to lock this journal in any way, so please be respectful of ownership and copyright and all that goodness and don't steal my stuff. It's not polite, and I am not beyond hunting your ass down.

I also need to give very special thanks and mad props to my lovely assistant, sgfansean. She helps me out with several elements of this site, and I couldnt do it without her.

Please click the site index to access specific areas of this site.

Questions or requests can be sent to skyescastle@hotmail.com